What Are the Different Types of Sanders Available For Remodel Projects

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When considering remodelling of your house, sander is one of the most useful tools. This is a powerful tool that helps in smoothening surfaces by scraping it with sandpaper. In the market, you would get different types of sanders to make the task easier and efficient.

How does it work?

To perform the task, you need to attach sandpaper to the slander tool. This device has an inbuilt mechanism by which it moves quickly within a case that fixes it to a workbench.

“Random Orbital” Sander

This is the commonest form of sander present on shelves today. One of the reasons for its popularity is its versatile nature. This sanding disk has an action similar to moving in an orbit. The elliptical motion of the disk is “random”, so this tool is called as Random Orbital. The best example of this type of sander is “The Black and Decker Mouse”.​

​This disk is best to be used for preventing scuffing. If your action goes against the grain, then it can also cause damage to the surface. So, you need to be careful of the speed at which you are using this tool on a particular surface. This tool is best to be used on materials where condition of the surface is important such as fine projects, tables, chairs, and baseboards.

Belt Sander

This type of sander can be held in hand, placed on the floor, or mounted on the table to accomplish the job. It performs a nonstop action that involves sandpaper moving through this tool in a loop. There are several store shelves that provide best belt sander from Nutty DIY.

If you are looking for a tool that helps in ripping off the coarse surfaces of material, then it is the perfect tool. Generally, this tool is used at the initial stages of a sanding project.

Some of the applications of this tool are to remove exterior paint, eliminating tough stains and spots on the surface of wooden flooring, eliminating extraneous wood, etc. Due to a good amount of space it requires, this tool is not appropriate to be used on close walls.

Orbital Sander

It is a machine that can be held in hand for operation. The best part of this machine is that it removes a good quantity of product from the surface of the material. It exhibits fast movement and enables the user to reach into edge spaces easily.

Many of the stores also provide this portable tool on rent. This not just saves you money but also help in making the entire process hassle free and comfortable.  If you are looking to hit wooden flooring near to the baseboards, then this can be the best tool to work with.

Drum Sander

It is a form of belt sander and exhibits a few properties of it. You can get this specialized sander from rental yards. One big difference between this sander and the other belt sanders is that its use is only restricted to wood flooring.

Spindle and Disk Sanders

This tool is mounted on the table. It offers greater stability than the ones that are handheld. In spindle sanders, there is a tube-like base on which the sandpaper is placed whereas, in disk sanders, there is a disk on which the sandpaper is placed. It is very much like a handheld orbital sander. If your task involves working on wood based projects, then it is the appropriate one.

Electric Sanders

Electric sanders are far easier to work with than manual sanders. Where manual sanders require the use of brute strength and manual insertion of sandpaper into the machine, electric sander does it automatically by just plugging the tool into an electrical socket with sandpaper.

It is very much time and efficient effort option for people who have a large project to complete.  There are different types of electric sanders available on the market. Selection of the sander is done based on the type of job.

A person who is using electric sander has to keep one thing in mind, i.e., to keep the tool moving. Otherwise, you would notice that the place will get ‘over sanded’ and would look different from the surroundings. Also, keep changing the grade of the sandpaper from coarse to fine depending on the level of finish you expect from it.


By purchasing or getting the appropriate form of sander will help in saving your valuable time and effort which otherwise would get wasted in performing it manually.