Valuable Benefits Of Eco-friendly Double Glazed Glass Roof

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Installing or upgrading to double glazed technology can substantially reduce your energy bills. Moreover, double glazing can also make your overall house appear clean and more energy efficient system. It not just adds to your personal benefits but even helps the environment.

Have a double glazed glass roof and gain a lot of benefits. It makes your home energy efficient and comfortable in every season. Double glazing is one of the few DIY household jobs that you cannot do but it is an essential renovation task. As per current market trends, double glazed terraces can reduce your yearly cost up to 200 dollars.

Double glazing works as an insulator. The two sheets of glass have some space in between, which traps the heat. It simultaneously helps to keep your house warm and reduce the energy bills.

A high-quality glazing glass provides a high level of energy efficiency which can make a huge difference. However, this also depends on the locality and direction of your house.

How double glazing can save your energy bills?

Do you know that over 50 percent of the heat loss in your house is caused through the roof? Heat which is lost through this ways means that you have wasted the energy and money. Energy efficient double glazing will cut heat loss along with noise and any type of condensation problems.

If you can insulate the entire roof with glasses it will look extremely attractive and even increase the sale value of your property. However, it is advised to consult an interior designer, before your final purchase.

Double Glazed Glass Roof

The material cost will depend upon the location of your house. For example, how much heat your house gets, throughout the year. Less heat received means thick glass panes.

How to get the best?

Most of the builders use a glass energy rating scheme to understand the efficiency of energy conservation of the glasses. This is quite similar to the star ratings that you may have seen on appliances like fridge, heater, or washing machines. However, you must always use A-rated glass installations for Terrass. Before purchasing you must check the features and customer reviews.

How many layers of glass do you need for your terrace?

Double glazing means two layers of glass with a gap of around 16mm, in between. Today, brands have also come up with triple glazing, which has got three layers of glasses. Both A-rated materials are available in the market. However, you need to understand that the layers are directly proportional to the climatic conditions of your area. It is advised to discuss this with a consultant, before making final decisions.

Types of glasses

There are numerous materials available in the market making tall claims of their heat conservation. The best double glazing sheets use gases like argon, krypton, and xenon in between the gaps. Some companies also use a mixture of gases for better insulating properties.

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