Two Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor

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You may have noticed, lately, but even though incomes are not increasing the price of rent sure seems to be, at least in some of the more dense populations across North America.  And, with that homeowners and renters alike now have to figure out how to make more out of less space—and with less money.  Fortunately, you can always hire a KSI cabinetry kitchen remodeling contractor to help you make the right choices and handle your project with the least risk for hardships.

However, before you hire your contractor, make sure that you consider these things:

QUESTION #1:  How Credible is this Contractor?

When you need a haircut, you ask your friend—who always has great hair—where they get their hair styled.  Getting advice about a home remodel is not quite as easy, but you should employ the same strategy. You need to check their references not only for the quality of their work but for the fairness of their pricing and the overall efficiency of the job.

A good contractor should have photos you can look at to demonstrate the work they have done. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will have performed another job at a nearby home and you are able to get permission to check it out.  Do not be afraid to ask all of the necessary questions to affirm that they are the right professional for you; after all, you are going to hand them several thousand dollars and trust them to do the job right.

Also, make sure they are licensed.

QUESTION #2:  Can I Get That in Writing?

This is not about trust. This is about integrity.  When you take your car to the shop because it has a problem they will often give you a written estimate for the parts and labor.  They cannot exceed this amount without your permission. It is not that you distrust their work, but what if they find something else that needs fixing?  The purpose of a signed document is to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

The same is true with a contractor.  You can look at sample contracts online or the contractor may have a default contract template to use.  Again, this just ensures that you know what type of work they will do and how much it will cost; and it protects them, too, ensuring that they receive payment for their hard work. Everybody wins.