Tips When Fitting Front Doors

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Your front door is used several times every day; even the highest quality doors will suffer from this heavy usage over time.  In addition to hinges sagging and the door becoming more difficult to close; there are issues regarding the finish of most front doors.  The most popular front doors are generally white PVC.  However, over time this will age and become a yellow color; not as attractive as the original door!

The obvious solution is to locate a good door supplier and purchase yourself a new front door.  Many places will provide a wide range of front doors and fit them for you.  It is certainly worth checking out what Hometech Windows and Doors has to offer.  However, it is not essential to have a window supplier fit the door for you.  It is actually a very straightforward job; providing you adhere to the following tips:


The most important step has to be getting the size of your new door right.  Measuring the door itself is not enough.  Not all front doors are the same size even if the frame is!  You need to measure the opening that you have available and then find a door which will fit into this gap.  This will make the fitting job much easier.  Of course, it is possible to fit a slightly smaller door and pad the frame with wood; although it may not be as secure.

The other option is to fit a larger door.  Larger front doors require you to make the doorway bigger; not always an easy task!


In general it should not take you more than a few hours to remove and fit a front door.  In fact, front doors can be fitted in just one hour!  However, in case you run into a variety of problems it is advisable to pick a day when the weather is set to be dry and you have at least one other person available to look after your home if you need to rush off and get an extra tool or piece of material.


The basic tools you will need, when swapping a front is a screwdriver; preferably a cordless electric one, a jimmy bar and a hammer.  It is also useful to have a nail available to help you remove the hinge pins.

The Hinge Pins

It is possible to unscrew the hinges; however, this leaves you dealing with the weight of the door when your hands are full.  Front doors can be heavy!  Instead, you should hammer the hinge pins out and place the door out of the way.  You will then be free to unscrew the frame and check the size of your new frame against the one you are removing.


Most front doors have a large overhang and you will not have an issue.  However, if this is not the case it is possible that removing your door will damage the surrounding joins.  It is advisable to check the join around the opening and ensure any damage is repaired.  If you do not you may find the wind and rain gets into your home.