Spending All Your Time at Lake Tahoe Resorts Its Time to Look at a Home to Buy

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When talking about Lake Tahoe Resorts, we are talking about ski resorts and are different from hotels and motels which are not in this category. You really are talking about the true resorts and the amazing ski slopes. There are resorts with all the markings of true resorts having:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Up-to-date slope news
  • Other activities

Usually those who stay at Lake Tahoe are families where all members ski. In fact, Lake Tahoe revolves around skiing.


The resorts around Lake Tahoe include:

  • Homewood Mountain Resort
  • Soda Springs Mountain Resort
  • Kirkwood Mountain Resort
  • Donner Ski Ranch

These slopes have beginners right on to those slopes that are referred to as challenging.

Ritz and others

If you jump over to the other side of Lake Tahoe resorts, you will discover the “Northstar California Resort” with the upscaled Ritz Carlton as well as shopping that is high-end and restaurants plus the red-carpet one can expect from a Ritz. To complete this resort, feel, you will find hundreds of trails of all levels that are serviced with over 20 lifts. There are 7 snowboarding parks, as well as an ice rink and even a movie theater and golf course right on site. These larger resorts mainly have snow and become summer places, with activities for warm weather:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Swimming
  • Disc golf

High end resorts

The Heavenly Mountain Resort belongs to this group as well as Village at Squaw Valley in South Lake Tahoe.

Real estate listing

Many families that start at these resorts every year will usually start looking at luxury real estate Lake Tahoe because they will be spending more and more times on the skiing slopes in this area. If you are at Lake Tahoe every weekend and vacation times, it only makes sense to start looking for a permanent home in this area. Staying at your Lake Tahoe home instead of the expensive resorts is only a smart way of thinking; especially if you have a large family. In some cases, it will be the cheaper of the two and would be the perfect place to entertain around the holidays.