Pests Your Roofer Might Discover On the Job

Pests Your Roofer Might Discover On the Job


Have you experienced any roof damage lately that a roofer will need to come and fix? If so, your roofer may discover something living in your roof without your permission. Pests!

Here are the most common roof pests that you might find hiding in your eaves…

  • Insects – If they can find a great food source, insects will love to move into your roof. These food sources can be other pests droppings, damp wood and improperly stored fabric; all major attractions!
  • Birds – A roof is a perfect place for a bird to nest.
  • Squirrels And Other Rodents – Your roof is protected from bad weather, and is a great place to breed. This is why squirrels and other rodents love to live there.
  • Bats – Although a lot less common than most other pests, bats can still infest your roof.
  • Wasps And Bees – Much like birds, these insects will create their nests in your roof space. Wasps and bees will sting if they feel threatened enough, so need to be removed very quickly.

How to Keep the Pests Out

  • Keeping A Tidy Garden – Trimming back branches and foliage to keep it away from the house will block off any easy access routes. It will definitely decrease the likelihood of a pest stumbling across a gap in your roof.
  • Invest In Strong Tiles – You need to have strong, sturdy and secure roof tiles. This will prevent gaps and holes from forming, which will let pests in without you knowing until its too late.
  • Air It Out – Ventilating your building will reduce condensation. Moisture really attracts pests so it’s best to eliminate it.
  • Store Everything Properly – Especially textiles! Use sealed plastic boxes to keep textiles and fabrics covered and dry when storing them in the loft.
  • Carry Out Maintenance – If you notice any cracks around your windows, doors or walls, seal them up quickly to keep small pests out. Carrying out regular roof maintenance is also recommended.

Prevention is key to avoiding a pest infestation in your home. Invest in a great pest control company, and a good quality roofer to keep your home free from pests.