How to Know When You Need to Replace Your Roof

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A well built roof will last a very long time, often as long as you own your home – given that most of us move several times throughout our lives. But if you do end up in your home for longer than a decade, you may have to come to terms with idea that a roof replacement is in your future.

Knowing the signs of an aging or damaged roof will help prepare your expectations for when repairs or a total replacement are needed. Roofs left uncared for begin to fall apart slowly, leading to small leaks that grow larger and result in permanent water damage to the interior of your home. Repairing water damage caused by faulty roofs just adds to the cost of repairing or replacing the roof in the first place.

Keeping an eye on your roof and making minor repairs when needed is actually easier than it seems. It could be as simple as accessing your attic to look for leaks on the underside of the roof, or hopping on a ladder and visually inspecting your roof from the ladder at all sides of your home. Minor holes and loose or missing shingles can easily be fixed on a DIY basis or with a quick call to a local roofing contractor.

How Do You Know Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

The state of your shingles are the first telltale sign your roof will need to be replaced. If your roof is advancing in age, (near the twenty year mark typically), and a majority of the shingles look worn out and damaged, you may be approaching replacement time.

Yes, you can fix individual damaged shingles, but if the amount of shingles needing repair is overwhelming, DIY fixes probably just won’t cut it. Look for a large number of shingles that are cracked, curling, missing, covered in algae, or otherwise damaged.

Punctures in your roof are another thing to keep an eye out for. If the punctures are small enough, then you can repair the holes yourself. If they are larger or numerous however, then calling in a contractor may be necessary.

Another issue that can lead to the need for an entire roof replacement is water damage to the roof. Your shingles may be doing just fine for the most part, but often small holes let large amounts of water in, severely degrading your roof’s underlay. Visually inspecting the underside of your roof may reveal signs of water damage. If you do find damage, you can call a roofing contractor for an inspection and repair estimate.

Roof replacement should be a once in a lifetime occurrence, since there are several steps you can take to repair minor damage and prevent future damage to your home’s roof. But when you do need to replace it, make sure you take the time to ask all the questions you need to to ensure your roof actually needs to be replaced. Contractors may try and push you in the direction of replacement; but there are plenty of reputable roofers who will give you a realistic perspective on the health of your roof.