Graypants Diaries: 2 Kinds of Scraplights

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Graypants is a conceptual design studio that started in Seattle, Washington DC last 2008. The studio was founded by architect Seth and was later on joined by Jon. They are also operating a new facility in Amsterdam. The Graypants studio is a team of problem solvers that have bold creativity which led them to have diverse designs in their products, and architecture.

The team started with the architects need to go back to what the love and have decided to feed their creative appetites through products design and art exhibits. The studio’s pioneering line of pendant lights was called Scraplights. These light fixtures were made entirely from re-purposed cardboards.

The Graypants’ line of Scraplights becomes the prime example of the company’s principles which is the “Responsible Design” by using responsible materials and responsible production. The cardboard used for their designs are donated by the citizens from Seattle and Amsterdam, and 75 percent of these are seen in the final piece. The cardboards are treated with a non-toxic substance and are glued together using a non-toxic adhesive.

The lights designed by the studio are all from scrap; 100 percent made out of salvaged cardboard. To form the Scraplights, rings are cut by laser from cardboards, layered and then glued together in a way that light can fall through to cast shadows on the wall. These spheres are coated to be fire-resistant before they are hung from the ceiling as semi-transparent pendant lamps.

Graypants design for a greater cause while still being fun and creative in the process. Their work embraces the qualities of the products and also the people that have crafted the designs. They strive to have several environmentally responsible design and creations. They believe that to have a responsive design; the process should be taught and observed carefully from material selection, creation, and production of the lights.

Even though the Scraplights are now around for a while, they are still striking examples of transforming used materials into an elegant design that are affordable, easily built and eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

The architects have been drawing and pulling inspiration from the nature of Seattle and Amsterdam. They have been inspired by the mountains, water, and the forest that are undeniably breathtaking. They are also pulling inspiration from their travels. Their trip has inspired and has made them more creative and inspired.

The studio wants to embody their principle of making their designs sustainable and having a responsive design. They want to maintain their core values as a design studio and as a manufacturer of a local brand with local talents using local materials. They also want to help people with disabilities having the difficulty of applying for a hands-on job be employed. These only show what kind of studio Graypants are.

The studio has a saying “Dream, Scribble, Make.” They never want to shy away from trying something very new. They also don’t shy away from having their hands dirty as this goes to show what a hardworking team they are.

The Graypants also have a line called Frame Series. These lights take inspiration from the beauty and versatility of the Classic Scraplights. They have taken the pendant lights to a higher level. These kind of light fixtures are perfect for residential and commercial settings. The frame series are pendant lights with durable and dark steel frames that are hand-made and handcrafted. These are made of recycled cardboard with a variety of shapes and sizes with ranging shades.

The Scraplights designed by the studio have many variations. These are;

Disc Scraplight

From functional boxes to fashionable lights, the Disc Scraplight is a line of the Scraplights. They have transformed ordinary packaging materials into a creative and extraordinary lighting. The Disc Scraplight presents a warm and modern alternative to dull and cold contemporary lights made of plastics that the environment doesn’t benefit from. They have their light with a unique shape and unique light diffusion function.

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Moon Scraplight

Another line of the Scraplights by the Graypants is the Moon Scraplight. The Moon encourages a relaxed lifestyle and will have the guest gravitating around it with its unique function of having the light peek through for an intimate, warm glow. It is designed to bring a soft and warm edge to modern landscapes with its inherent earth stone and eco-friendly appearance and makeup.

The Scraplight can be bought at Lamp Twist or any other sites similar to it when you’re not in the mood to go shopping outside. There are several designs that will surely fit your taste and will uphold the appearance and elegance of your home.

Today, Graypants continues to expand its custom and hand-crafted architectural design and has numerous lines sold throughout the world. The range of their designs is from residential and commercial lighting. They also include their designs in packaging designs, architecture and even furniture. They are partnering with several companies throughout Holland and Pacific Northwest and with a variety of social work programs to create a craft-based task and provide employment, training and second chances for everyone. The studio is not just a store but room for improvement for everyone.

Graypants pushed themselves to new things and to new forms of art in a much higher level. The studio was able to build a solid rock foundation of their original line of the Scraplight series because of the team’s dedication and their acceptance to change and to something new. The team were very creative and open-minded and used whatever they had and developed it with intensive method and further research. Now, they may have achieved the bright light they’ve always wanted and have proven themselves in the industry.

The studio was awarded the AIA Seattle’s Award of Honor for their debut architecture project named “Garage” last 2013. They were also awarded last 2014 in the Residential Architect Design Award for the same architecture design. For the same project, another award was given which the Copper was in the Architecture Design.