Four New Creative Designs for Bathroom Styles

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When it comes to having the perfect bathroom, aside from ensuring that every fixture is working properly, it’s also important to ensure that it’s also stylish. That’s why we have gathered some of the best designs that could inspire you to give your bathroom a complete makeover!

1. Creative Paint Treatments

This is considered to the most affordable, yet effective way to design your bathroom. Sky is the limit– you can paint it with bold colors, or go for pastel ones. Just make sure it’ll reflect your personality. The good thing about this? It’s an easy fix, and you are free to play around until you find the perfect style that would satisfy your senses. Though, before you start painting your bathroom, better check the fixtures first and ensure that there’s any problems at all. You don’t want to put your hard work to waste, just because you must change something later.

2. Built Ins

Older homes typically have a small bathroom with plenty of nooks and crannies, as well as random walls that are up for redecorating and remodeling. What you can do is make the most out of these surfaces. The key is, no part of your bathroom should be a dead space. If you have an interior wall located next to the toilet, take advantage of this and create an additional storage, as well as an immediate interior focal point. You’ll be happy that you did. If you are in the in the Seattle WA area and need to have your plumbing rerouted around your new cabinets, there are several plumbers Seattle that you could call on to help.


3. Create Some Murals and Accessorize It

A mural is one of the additions that’s great for fooling someone at first glance. The good thing about murals is that most of them are poster-style which you can easily buy from several retailers online. Just think of it, if you managed to find a good mural, you can trick someone that they’re having a trip to the desert whenever they go in your bathroom. Aside from that, you should also consider bringing personality through accessorizing your bathroom. Wherein, every item should complete the atmosphere. For example, you can bring your small side table, rustic chair, or storage cabinet inside the bathroom if it’s spacious enough. You have the freedom to design it any way you want since it’s your bathroom in the first place.

4. Let the Vintage Tiles Empower Your Space

You’ve probably seen those cute, colorful ceramic tiles that are a little small? Well, now, you can have a good use to them– put these tiles inside your bathroom, and all that is left is for you to redecorate it with vintage accessories. Aside from that, you can also diversify it a little by putting some wallpaper to neutralize the tile colors. For example, if your tiles are a little dark, then opt for wallpapers that are light, and vice versa. This would add some interest to those who are going to use your bathroom. As for the wallpaper, you can pick any pattern you like– you can stick to something plain and simple, or try something that looks very sophisticated.

So, get busy with a new design.  Spruce up the old bathroom.  You can do this and make your bathroom a new oasis where you can slip into comfort after a long day at work.