Buying rugs that can revamp your home

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Is your home looking monotonous? Do you want to give the rooms anew look without spending a lot of money? Then why don’t you buy some rugs and add a splash of color to your décor. This is a really good idea and you can buy some really great value for money rugs at Hay Shop. However, it’s not as easy as you would wish. You can’t just buy the first rug you see and bring it home. There are many things to consider.

Your lifestyle

To begin with you should know that cleaning rugs and carpets is a huge hassle. This task can become even harder if you have young children or pets. If you live alone or with your spouse can you can go for the plush variety with velvet like texture. But if you have pets then this type of rug will be ruined in a day. Ditto if you have young children with messy habits.


Understand how color works

If your room’s color palette revolves around off white does that mean the carpet has to be off white too? Absolutely not. First off, white carpet will be insanely hard to maintain, secondly if everything is white then it will make the room look cold and sterile. You can choose a darker color of carpet for a room with a lighter overall color pattern, but choose a shade that doesn’t clash. Also remember that over time rugs tend to fade so choose a shade that is deeper than what you want.

Type of material you want

Carpets are available in many different materials and fiber types; wool, synthetic material, wool nylon, faux velvet etc. wool is the most preferred as you are likely to get some real nice wool rugs at Hay Shop at very reasonable prices. Wool is durable and inexpensive. If you want to buy a synthetic material rug then go for a fade resistant one. If you or your children are likely to lie on the carpet regularly then buy a heavier carpet that is dense and soft.