Anticipating Your Move: Preparing for the Moving Company

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You’ve found On the Go Moving & Storage, and now eagerly await the big day to move into your new residence. Finding a great moving company is a lot of hard work and finding a worthwhile company is a great accomplishment, but before you sit back to rest and relax, ensure that you’re fully prepared for the moving company’s arrival. So many people wrongly assume all their hard work is done after they’ve found a moving company, when, in fact; the work has just begun.

Home Purge

It’s time to purge your home, eliminating useless items, things you no longer want or no longer use. It doesn’t make sense to pay professionals to move things that aren’t of value, and eliminating them from the move all-together just makes sense. Consider donating usable items to charity, and toss the rest.

Moving Company

Toss These Items

Moving companies will move most anything that you need transported from one location to the next, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. If any of the following items are in your packed boxes, remove them now and save hassle, as moving companies are now allowed to move them.

– Plants: Moving companies cannot transport plants due to their fragile nature.

– Hazardous Materials: Chemicals, cleaning products, paint, explosives, guns, etc. are also unavailable for transport by a moving company.

– Perishable Items: Go ahead and toss those bags of frozen carrots and the frozen dinners, or plan an alternate method of transportation, since moving companies cannot move these items.

Make an Inventory

Inventory list creation is recommended for everyone moving who wants the assurance of their belongings all arriving safely at the new destination. Although creating an inventory may be a bit time-consuming, it’s worth the time, since you can always keep track of the items that you own. List brand and item name, size and color, and serial number of your items on the inventory sheet. Many people also choose to photograph their valuable items, so this might be something you also want to do. Filing an insurance claim is also easier when there is an inventory list with this information readily available.


You might be surprised at the amount of time you can save when you pre-pack items before the day of the move. If you aren’t using the items, why keep them out any longer when you can pack them up, reducing work on moving day? Mark the boxes, using a Sharpie, for easy identification when these items arrive at the new location.

Show Courtesy

When the moving company arrives, help speed things along by directing them to the items to be loaded into the moving truck, furniture that needs dismantling, etc. You can also become the host with the most when you offer the moving company employees snacks and water. Moving is a hard job, and this thoughtful gesture is sure to keep the guys smiling as they help you relocate.