6 Safe and Affordable Places to Live In Sydney

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So, you have already decided to live permanently in Sydney with your family, either for career purposes or for other personal reasons. But, you are still in the process of determining which place to live in, one that offers secured living at an affordable rate. Let this page help you as we conduct 6 of the safest places in Sydney to live in without breaking your wallet or bank account!

The centre of New South Wales and the biggest city in Australia, Sydney boasts more than 4 million populations and can be found on the shore of Australia’s south east. Increasingly more people choose to invest in this city and stay with their loved ones.

Why not? Aside from delicate dishes, popular attractions, historical stories and friendly movers such as Bill Removalists Sydney, this city also offers unique career and housing opportunities for all types of people.

Here are 6 safe and affordable places to live in Sydney that you may want to consider.

  1. Lalor Park

Along with Kings Langley, Lalor Park is considered the most acquiescent suburbs in the price range. It is also known as one of the most liveable suburbs in the city. Here, people are offeredinexpensive amenity, yet safe place with great raw potential. There is enough build infrastructure and educational facilities.

  1. Blaxland

Blaxland is included in the most liveable and affordable suburbs in Sydneywhich is located further west than Lalor Park and theoretically sits outside Sydney. What makes it more appealing is its relaxed and calm community, without too much trouble.


  1. St. Ives

Staying in St Ives means making the most of your housing investment. From trains, schools, shops and other buildings to transportation and safety, you’ll have no reasons not to spend your life here with the friendly residents. Common houses with six to ten rooms are the average with large gardens, large pools and shedloads of trees.

  1. Waverton

Whether you’re professional, single, have families, retiree or trendy and stylish, Waverton offers lots of opportunities. Not only is the place safe and affordable, but peaceful and lovely as well. The street lighting in the roads issufficient and well maintained. Credits also go to the committed police officials who are always after secured area.

  1. Crow’s Nest

One of the best features of Crow’s Nest is being an economical housing option on the Lowe North Shore, which allows each benefit of nearby amenities and suburbs with no price rate of more costly suburbs. If tasting different foods is your hobby, then Crow’s Nest is an ideal option for you as it features many great cafes, restaurants and bars.

  1. Liverpool

Cost-effective, friendly, quiet and safe – that is what Liverpool offers to the residents and tourists. Once you step into this city, you would surely not want to live anywhere else as Liverpool offers almost everything people wanted, such as excellent public transportation, quick access to leading sporting facilities, good facilities and public parks, many quality cafes and restaurants, entertainment, shop, etc.

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May you find this source useful in finding the best place to live in Sydney in terms of affordability and safety.

Enjoy your stay!