5 Cool Ways To Prepare The Area For Artificial Lawn Installation

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Are you now decided to install your chosen artificial grass for your yard? If yes, are you equipped of the initial things that you must know for the preparation of the area? You really need to. It is the first part towards the installation process. Without this, you can never proceed to the next step. Well, worry no more! Here are the things that you need to follow for the improvement of your area.

  1. Use Weed And Grass Killer

The area where you will install the artificial grass must be free from weeds or real grass. Spray a weed grass killer for two weeks prior to the installation so that it will be dead up to its roots. Be sure that the area is free from any vegetation to prepare the base well which will be the basis for the next step. Consider hiring professional contractors that install synthetic turf in Sydney wide for a better result.

  1. Take Away The Top Soil

It is needed to dig at least 3 or 4 inches of the top soil in order to set a new base. Make sure that the dead weeds or grasses around the area are removed to make an even surface. Allow the soil which is rain-soaked to dry before digging in order to avoid slumping. No part of the soil must be loose so walk on the surface or a hand tamp is better to use.

  1. Design The Drainage

The drainage must be planned well. Synthetic grasses are absorptive to water so installing to a soil which is well-draining will be having some issues. So, if the area experiences only a very light rainfall, leave a gap for the drainage for every 15 cm around the border. On the other hand, installation of a drainage system is required for the absence of it near the lawn.

  1. Set Up The Border

The border that should be installed on the perimeter must be waterproof so that the turf will not be separated or collapsed. You can use the very common and effective board which is the plastic bender or you can pour a concrete curb all over the area to have a well-fixed boarder. But, remember that it must not swell on the top of the grass since it may obstruct the drainage.

Artificial Lawn Installation

  1. Put A Barrier For Weeds

It can be optional to add a barrier for weeds but it is very effective for protection purposes. You can have a geotextile barrier below the area that was dig up if you are thinking about the weeds that could possible grow over the artificial grass. This can also prevent worms and gophers from excavating the artificial lawn. This geotextile as a barrier is firmly woven which is objectively a heavy weed blocker.

With the 5 simple things that you need to do to prepare the area that will be used as the space for your artificial grass, for sure, you will be guided well. If you want an amazing synthetic lawn, ask for free measuring quote of fake turf in Sydney from Australian Synthetic Lawns and get started with the exciting project.