4 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

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Moving heavy furniture is a necessity for many people. You may be moving home or have to rearrange your office. If you move heavy furniture incorrectly, you run the risk of injuring yourself seriously. It’s time to follow these four tips to keep yourself protected.

Use Two People to Lift

Never try to move a piece of heavy furniture alone. It doesn’t matter how much longer it takes to wait for a friend. You’ll be grateful waiting when you don’t injure your back! When you are lifting, one person needs to carry from the bottom and the other from the top. The item will tip, keeping the centre of gravity firmly in the middle and avoiding accidental swinging.

When carrying on the stairs, make sure the person at the top has hold of the bottom for a safer grip. Carry on the angle of the stairs.

Use Blankets for Easier Movement

Don’t try to drag or push items across a carpet. The friction will cause damage. Instead, grab a couple of blankets or sheets and use them. You can put an item on the sheet and then pull the actual sheet to move items around.

You can also wrap your larger items in the blankets and sheets. Not only do you have something less slippery to grip, but you’ll protect your walls and doorframes from dents, as the heavy items crash into them.

Avoid Bending the Back

Too many people bend at the waist to lift items. This is going to put extra strain on your back that you really don’t need. Bend the legs and keep your back straight at all times. It doesn’t matter how often you do your deadlift exercises in the gym.

Moving Heavy Furnitures

The legs are designed to withstand extra weight. You’ll also avoid twisting the spine, leading to other muscular injuries. If you’re still struggling, you could always opt for shoulder straps. The straps will help to take most of the weight, keeping it away from your fragile back. You also have something to keep the heavier items of the ground to avoid broken feet!

Hire a Professional

Even if you’re just rearranging your office, hiring a professional could be one of the best things you ever decide to do. There are plenty of removal firms Wirral happy to help with your big or small jobs. The best thing about hiring a professional firm is that they will have the experience and skill to move heavy furniture without risking injury.

Avoid injury when moving. Follow the above tips, whether you’re rearranging or moving items into storage Wirral.

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Edward Mosley, an adventure traveller, wrote this post. He has moved home countless times to take in the experiences and sights around the world, meaning a lot of heavy furniture removals into storage Wirral and beyond.